Safezone Attacks are one of four random events that can happen in the world of Nether.

When a Safezone Attack is about to occur players will be alerted with a 10 minute warning. When these 10 minutes are up Lakeside Safe Haven (LSZ) will no longer be a Safezone and various Nether will spawn all around the area, PvP will also be enabled for this area. The event lasts for one hour.


A Safezone Attack occurs because "All anti-Nether devices have failed" and it is the players task to re-activate these 6 devices scattered and hidden across LSZ. fixing an anti-Nether device (holding 'E') will grant the player with 100EXP. Once all 6 anti-Nether devices have been repaired Lakeside Safe Haven will once again become a safezone and all Nether in the area will despawn.


Players are given one hour to re-activate all anti-Nether devices and restore peace in the safezone. Failiure to do so within this time limit will cause LSZ to be compromised, forcing the area to remain a non-safezone area for yet another hour.


While the safezone is either breached or compromised no stores are available. This includes the Global Inventory, Marketplace or even Package Delivery stalls.


Sometimes after a Safezone Attack is successful one or two Nether will be stuck in the area unable to move, attack or teleport away due to its illegal position in the safezone.