Rarity: Very Rare
Attack Type: Melee


Health: 10/10
EXP: 200

Reaper Is the most lethal and formidable Nether found only during Reaper surges. He is huge with scythe-like arms which deal serious damage to any player and should be approached with caution by those prepared with high end equipment. He now drops his claws to everyone in a group which can be traded in for a sniper rifle.


If you can, bring at least one other person to fight the Reaper. He is fast and will easily catch up to you when you run away so two people will keep the Reaper switching targets. a Rifle is recommended with plenty of ammo in stock.

The Reaper has an enormous amount of health, requiring more than 300 rounds from the 9mm submachine gun or 150+ rounds from an assault rifle to kill (less if the player has fully upgraded the marksman skill tree). Full auto fire from an automatic weapon will stun-lock the Reaper and prevent it from charging, but it can quickly close the distance and strike in the time it takes to reload between magazines.

Because the Reaper's hitbox is much smaller than its character model, melee combat is glitchy against it, and most strikes won't actually hit the target.

Unique Drops Edit

Reaper blades (arms)

Experience Points For Killing Edit


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