Loot drops are one of four random events that can happen in the world of Nether.

Loot drops can take place in many different locations:

  • Salary Center
  • Bennet Park
  • Basso Park
  • Manso Park

When a loot drop begins all players will be notified and the event lasts 20 minutes. During this time small loot packages contaning various items will drop around the area, granting players with a range of weapons, medical items, food and ammo. Sometimes a loot package will explode on contact with the ground, harming anyone near the explosion so players will need to be careful where they wait.

The other main risk to loot drops is players themselves. With many people being attracted to the free items player firefights tend to occur within the area.

Loot Drops


The loot drop at Salary Center is currently bugged. packages will drop however no items will appear.