Rarity: Semi-common
Attack Type: Melee


Health: 8/10
Damage: 9/10
EXP: 105XP

Golems are the brutes of the Nether, able to withstand a lot of damage and pack a dangerous punch it is highly recommended one is well prepared before facing these creatures. Golems are one of the few enemies that do not flinch upon taking damage. They are very huge with gigantic arms and are among the few nether that do not take on the humaniod appearance, they can be found anywhere.


Attacking a Golem with a melee weapon is very risky as it will manage to attack you when you come too close and will not flinch when taking damage. Any gun is a safe bet against a Golem although a rifle or shotgun is recommended. They can be killed with about 4-6 shotgun blasts, or around 20+ bullets from a small-caliber submachine gun.

It is possible to kill a Golem with the kitchen knife (or any better melee weapon), by dodging backwards to avoid their attack, dashing in to get a quick strike, then dodging back again to avoid their next attack. However, it will take many strikes to kill the Golem (8 hits from the katana, and almost 20 hits from the kitchen knife). Also, this only works if the Golem is alone and not assisted by other Nether.

The February 2014 patch has significantly increased the spawn frequency of Golems. They are now often encountered in pairs, and gangs of 3 or 4 combined with large numbers of Crawlers and Shriekers are not unusual.

Unique Drops Edit

Golum skull

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