Nethers are the primary enemy in the game Nether.

The Nether are human genetic mutations caused by large solar flares, resulting from the Cull.

There are 8 different Nether types :

1. Lost

The lost or wanderers are the weakest nether and the earliest form of nether and still retain a bit of humanity. They are very unstable and usually just wander anywhere, usually in an open area or near safe zones, if you get to close or hit them they will becomes so unstable they will explode shrapnel of bone and acid, killing themselves, which is there only means attack.

Attack: Exploding liquid acid and shrapnel of born and insides a few meters across, it can be devastating if you stand close to this explosion but keep your distance and they are not much threat.

Appearance: White and grey in colour, average size and shape with tumor like tissue appearing on its body.

Rarity: Common.

XP for killing: 10 XP

2. Crawler

The most common nether they are small and crawl on the ground and can be found in buildings or open areas. They usually teleport when they see you and start attacking immediately, their main tactic is speed they are hard to hit and sometimes teleport right behind you, but they are fairly easy to kill.

Attack : Scratches at you causing little damage.

Appearance: Crawls, pink/red, small with black "energy trails" radiating off.

Rarity : Most Common Nether.

XP for killing: 50 XP

3. Shrieker:

Usually found anywhere on the ground. The screams attract more nether so killing these nether quickly is important for survival because it can call in more dangerous nether. 

Attack : It also Spits Goop on you.which causes short time blindness.

Appearance: Black, skinny and small.

Rarity : Semi-Common

XP for killing: 50 XP

4. Hunter

The hunters are deadly nether that take on the normal humanoid appearance of most others, They usually travel in packs of 2 or 3. They can spawn on roads, rooftops or in buildings. It is best to use a gun against them or try running if you have valuables or no effective weapon.

Attack: They have a special ability to shoot bones out of their rib cage which can cause significant damage if not avoided.

Appearance: they are light grayish, have an open rib cage as well as glowing red eyes.

Rarity: semi-common

XP for killing: 65 XP

5. Watcher

This nether can be found usually high atop buildings scoping for enemies. It can spot you from a long distance away with its red beaming vision.Only attack them if you have a good melee weapon or gun and have good stamina or combat skills.

Attack: Similar to the shrieker they can spray noxious acid which makes it hard to see for a short time, but you can dodge it, and they can also scratch and claw at you which does cause significant damage.

Appearance: They look like a tall dark nether with distinctive red light eyes that are beaming a few meters out.

Rarity: Rare

XP for killing: 65 XP

6. Golem

Golums are huge brutish nethers that can be found in any location, except for small buildings or the subway. This nether does move quite slowly and can take allot of damage, it is highly recommended to fight one using a rifle or a shotgun.

Attack: They are a close range melee type of attacker, they do run slowly but can teleport when needed.

Appearance: They stand around 3 meters tall and have massive arms

Rarity: Semi-common

XP for killing: 105 XP

7. Mantis

8. Reaper