Cash Cash is the standard currency in Nether. it is used to purchase weaponry, ammo, consumables, medical items and some cosmetics from the Marketplace.

Cash can be obtained by looting stores or by killing players for a portion of their total loss on death in bundles of $5 (Small), $10 (Medium), $20 (Large) or $30 (Extra Large) piles. There is also a chance for Nether to drop cash piles on death. One can also sell items in their inventory to the Marketplace for a sum of money.

Cash can also be gained by completing Courier Missions, more or less than $200 depending on the distance traveled between the pickup point and destination or by finding Items for the Trader in LSZ for a little extra than the value of what they would be sold to the Marketplace for.

Farming tipsEdit

These are based on opinions and may not be true. These should be viewed as advice unless proven undoubtedly true. Check comments for confirmation.

  • If you are a general looter take everything you see. Got a crowbar? take another. You can always go back to a Safezone and sell off the spare for a bit of extra cash. Usually this money will be in small sums but it all adds up if you don't plan to spend your money often.
  • Items are dropped all around the map and can give quite a bit of cash. A packet of ciggarrettes, found in police vans, can be sold for $20 each.
  • Start small when doing courier missions. LSZ<->MTO is a very short distance and rewards around $100 per package and if you are doing larger courier missions try to join a small populated server to avoid campers or hostile players during the journey.